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Game News
GGG Has Released the First Major Institutional Fix, Which Has Not Been Restarted! The Patch Size Is about 400MB. You Should Restart the Client to Receive the Complete Change Package, but Most Changes Will Be ...

January 22 2021

The Competition in December Is Approaching, Followed by Mayhem League. This Alliance Is Famous for Its Rich Mobs and Fast Pace. Professional Poe Stores Will Develop Three Potential Build Guidelines. Let's Star...

December 09 2020

The developers of Grinding Gear Games are preparing to announce the next major update 3.7.0 Path of Exile, which will be released on May 17-24. The 3.7.0 extension of the game is expected to be released in June. The June updat...

September 19 2020

Anyone who has played the Path of Exile should know that the Ranger prototype has so much flexibility that it may be difficult to find the most suitable equipment for Ranger. Each version is designed to pursue different goals in the s...

August 22 2020

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