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IGWdf News Path of Exile 3.13.0b Patch Notes! - First Big Hotfix of Ritual League
Path of Exile 3.13.0b Patch Notes! - First Big Hotfix of Ritual League
GGG Has Released the First Major Institutional Fix, Which Has Not Been Restarted! The Patch Size Is about 400MB. You Should Restart the Client to Receive the Complete Change Package, but Most Changes Will Be Applied without Restarting.

1. Legend Has It That
From the Player's Point of View, It Indicates Gain/Nerve.

Boss Nerf = Player Gain.

Quality Improvement
Error Correction
Buff Caused by Error Correction
Light Yellow

2. Ritual Changes
Now, the Remaining Number of Ceremonies Will Be Displayed near the Ceremony Button.
Basically, Players Have Been Asking for Awesome QOL Changes since the First Day. This Will Make It Much Easier to Bypass the Map, and No Spam Will Be Sent Every Few Seconds to Check If You Missed the Ceremony!
10/10 Changes.

Special Vaal Ceremonies Are Usually Used to Provide Items with Large Cost Differences (from Very Low to Very High) for Tribute. Now, This Ceiling Can Never Exceed Other Ceremonies.
The Extremely Rare Experience of Looking at Objects with Sadness Has Been Weakened, Because It Is a Good Way to See What Ritual Investment Could Be Given to You. Although It Is Depressing, I Believe Its Existence Must Have Some Advantages.

Sad, Just See It, but I Can Understand Why!
7/10 Changes.

Fixed the Mistake That the Betrayal Door and Legion Box Could Be Reborn in the Ritual Encounter.
Unfortunately, One of the Most Interesting Bugs for a Long Time Has Been Fixed Quickly! :(

It's Really Funny to See the Door That Has Troubled Us for a Long Time Become the Animation Character That Has Troubled Us Again, but It's Obviously a Mistake, So It Needs to Be Changed.

1/10 Change. But in Fact: 8/10 Changes, Fast Response to Errors, but Should Be Found in the Quality Check.

3. General Changes
It Greatly Reduces the Damage of Rare Monsters Led by Sirius.
From the 1st Day, the Rare Monster Led by Sirius Was Completely Overwhelmed. They Have Now Gained the Upper Hand in the Rule and Hope to No Longer Shoot 11K HP Sword Saints in a Single Shot in the White Map.
10/10 Changes.

During the Takeover of the Influence of Sirian, the Number of Nearby Enemies Required by Sirian to Generate and Attack Players Increased from 1 to 10.
Change! Mechanisms like This Need to Strictly Limit When They Appear, Because Many Mechanisms Require the Player to Be Stationary, Open the UI That Occupies Most of the Screen, and Then Select Some Content.

Players Should Not Be Punished Because They Intend to Play Games. Therefore, If No More Monsters (Private Walkers) Are Absent, They Should Not Be Killed by Such Mechanisms. It Adds Nothing to the Game except Frustration.
10/10 Changes.

Fixed an Error Introduced in 3.13.0, in Which the Increase and Decrease of Spell Damage Are Not Applicable to Dynamic Bolt Attack Damage.
Fixed an Error That the "More Spell Damage" Modifier of the Auxiliary Gem Is Not Applicable to Damage Skills over Time Unless They Hit the Enemy.
Very Important Bug Fixes Can Solve Many Popular Build Problems. This Will Greatly Improve Their Viability and Correctly Place Them in the DPS Location Where They Belong to the Current Metadata.
10/10 Changes.

4. Conclusions

Summarizes the Major Changes in the Patch. Other Problems Have Been Fixed and Adjusted, but None of Them Really Affect Most Players.

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