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IGWdf News Path of Exile Update 3.7.0 is Coming
Path of Exile Update 3.7.0 is Coming

The developers of Grinding Gear Games are preparing to announce the next major update 3.7.0 Path of Exile, which will be released on May 17-24. The 3.7.0 extension of the game is expected to be released in June. The June update includes various fixes: improving animation effects and adjusting the numbers behind some melee capabilities.

There are other updates in the game developer program: September -3.8.0 and December -3.9.0. On 2020, a huge additional 4.0.0 was released.

On November 2018, an ExileCon event will be held, during which the employees of Grinding Gear Games will show people the updated content of 3.9.0 and show the new items in the above additional components (tourists can play).

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