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IGWdf News Path Of Exile:You need to know the best Rangers to build!
Path Of Exile:You need to know the best Rangers to build!
Anyone who has played the Path of Exile should know that the Ranger prototype has so much flexibility that it may be difficult to find the most suitable equipment for Ranger. Each version is designed to pursue different goals in the season of exile. However, we think that for beginners, there are good Ranger equipment-poisonous Rangers.

What is poisonous Ranger?

Poisonous Ranger is just a ranger who gives priority to dealing with chaos damage with AoE ability. This version is specially designed for the fast-paced flat ground, with mobility. It cleans up gears to help teach season technicians. The fast flat ground speed enables you to enter the mess, and a lower budget makes it easier for roles to enter their remnants.

The only disadvantage of this version is that it is not the most Hardcore compatible. This version is clearer, but Hardcore needs more than cleaning, otherwise it cannot be completed. Therefore, it can be said that this is a good beginner role.

How does poisonous Ranger work?

This is a very simple game style. They act elegantly and can be done without any precise goals. Poisonous rain capability is a necessary spell for this building, because it releases destructive AoE, and then releases sores in affected areas, causing damage over time (DoT), and slow down the enemies trapped in the area. This skill will combine damage and slow down the enemy's speed, allowing players to easily deal with enemies in any map.

Gems, passive weapons and equipment further strengthen the structure. Most of them are very cheap, and it is easy to roll the role, thus promoting the role and starting farming. The greatness of Toxic Ranger lies in its pickup and playback methods. This build does not require a unique quality project to define it. It only requires a relatively fast attack speed and more defensive projects. These statistical priorities are important because they are built into stable and self-sufficient residual farmers.

Once your Toxic Ranger is upgraded and equipped with appropriate equipment, early Atlas-level breeding will not be a problem. Allow yourself to enter this type of content, start the development of roles, and work through any map mod for your heart content. This makes it easier for new players to learn games, and more experienced players can immediately start farming and storing valuables.

Passive Architecture

The way to build poisonous Rangers is to take the Rangers with bullet damage to destroy the route so as to remove it as soon as possible. Once the game becomes more difficult, Ranger will rebuild their passive tree to pay more attention to the early tank passivity, so as to increase the chance of avoiding, reduce the damage and improve its HP.

After obtaining early game defense statistics, players will also increase bow and arrow injuries, agility characteristics, etc. Then, you put the passive skill points into the deeper part of the tree and get more chaos damage allowance to complete the scaling part of the "poisonous rain" construction.

When you enter a higher level and more difficult post-game content, the build version should pay more attention to defense statistics rather than early attack statistics.


Toxic fleets depend on the damage caused over time and the general gain of gears and passive devices. With this in mind, many stones focus on support capabilities. The first gem is a poisonous rain gem. The other five gems should be the support for DoT's malignant projectiles and damage, followed by the added chaos damage support, void manipulation support, fast pain support and deadly food support for increased DoT damage.


In the later stage, the promotion of privileges will enter the game.

"Natural revenge" is the first step to get started, because it will increase the degree of damage, thus benefiting the constructed AoE.

Poison master is the next popular advantage, because it is greatly beneficial to poison chimney, which is the next core part of poisonous Ranger equipment.

The gift of nature makes the thermos easier and reduces the damage of elements.

Finally, under the action of flasks, natural adrenaline provides additional movement and attack speed.

Another external power source comes from the Pantheon. The main advantage of the assassin Ranger is the soul of the balloon, because it works well with special effects/Dodge effects. Other useful abilities are like Shakari, because it can reduce the harm of poison and chaos damage. However, agriculture using toxic Rangers benefits more from defensive data because they will cause enough AoE damage to the equipment in any case. Therefore, defense data from Garukhan or Ralakesh are more favorable, but only secondary in the grand plan.


For each version of the game, head shots are an important part of the mess. Poisonous Ranger's flask selection depends on whether your build lacks Mana recovery, speed and damage. Quicksilver Flask is a good choice if you need speed to help navigate more challenging maps.

If your BD has a Mana skill problem, then Mana flask is good.

However, there are some ways to alleviate this situation through jewelry slots. For this construction, the most important flask is Witchfire Brew, because it can further increase the damage of DoT poison damage.

Recommended Items

Having a fast attack speed bow is perfect for poisonous Rangers, but you can find some good things to further strengthen your figure. Lion eye glare is one of them, and its attack damage and Element Damage increase. It may take a lot of chaotic spheres to obtain the correct attributes, so keep this in mind.

Another big object is Cherrubim's demon breastplate. This is a very cheap and unique equipment, which can provide more chaos damage, as well as armor, water ech to escape life and life value reward.

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